To Write Love On Her Arm (T.W.L.O.H.A) (CLAS) (New)

Executive Board

President: Joseph Valerio
Vice President: Courtne Takats
Treasurer: Kyle Williams
Secretary: M. Yaasen Bhutta

Mission Statement:

To Write Love On Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. They exist to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. TWLOHA - Brooklyn College is one of the 80+ internationally recognized University Chapters. Our goal is to build a campus community of honesty and hope as part of our commitment to change the statistics about undiagnosed depression, self-harm, and suicides. We want to challenge stigmas about mental illness that force these struggles to occur in silence and darkness. We are not a support group or medical professionals, but we are a bridge to that help, and we are starting a conversation that is desperately needed on college campuses. Hope is real. Help is real. And your story is important. To learn more about TWLOHA and the UChapters program, visit and