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246 Clubs & Organizations
ABADA-Capoeira, Brooklyn College (CLAS)
Academic Club Association (REF)
Accounting Society (CLAS) (ACA)
Actuarial Society (SGS) (GSO) (New)
Adventist Christian Fellowship (CLAS)
Advocates for Early Childhood Education (GSO) (ACA)
African Affairs Student Organization (CLAS)
Aish HaTorah at Brooklyn College (CLAS) (New)
Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority (GLO)
Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (GLO)
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (GLO)
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (GLO)
Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity (GLO)
Alpha Sigma Sorority (GLO)
Alpha Xi Delta (GLO)
American Medical Students Association (A.M.S.A.) (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)
American Red Cross Club of Brooklyn College (CLAS)
Anime and Manga Corps (CLAS)
Art Group (ACA)
Ascend Brookyn College (ABC) (GSO) (New)
Asian Student Union (CLAS)
Astronomy Society of Brooklyn College (CLAS) (ACA)
BA/MD Academic Club (CLAS) (ACA)
Ballroom Dance Society (CLAS)
Bangla (CLAS)
Belly Dancing Club (CLAS)
Bikers (CLAS)
Biology Society of Brooklyn College (ACA)
Biz-e-News (CLAS) (New)
Black Family Organization (CLAS)
Black Graduate Professional Students Organization (B.G.P.S.O.) (GSO) (CLAS)
Black History Month Committee (CLAS)
Black Solidarity Day Committee (CLAS)
Black Student Union (B.S.U.) (CLAS)
Blaze Dance Team (CLAS)
Brazilian Jitsu Club (GSO)
Bread of Heaven (CLAS) (New)
Broeklundian (REF)
Brooklyn Boxing Society (GSO) (New)
Brooklyn College Radio (REF)
Brooklyn College Table Tennis League (CLAS)
Brooklyn Composers Collective (GSO) (CLAS)
Brooklyn Jhoom (New) (CLAS)
Business Leadership Society (ACA) (SGS) (GSO) (CLAS)
Campus Advance (CLAS)
Caribbean Students Union (C.S.U.) (CLAS)
Chabad Youth (CLAS)
Chemistry Society (ACA)
Chess Club (CLAS) (ACA)
Chi Beta Nu (GLO)
Chi Iota Omega Sorority (GLO)
Children First Club (CLAS)
Chinese Christian Fellowship (CLAS)
Chinese Language and Culture Club (ACA)
Circle K (CLAS)
CLAS Student Government - Assembly (REF)
CLAS Student Government - Executive (REF)
CLAS Student Government - Joint (REF)
Collaborative Media Group (GSO)
Collegiate Chapter of Music Educators National Conference (CLAS) (GSO) (ACA)
Comedic Artists Association (CLAS)(SGS)(GSO)
Community Arts Practice Group (GSO)
Computer Science Society (CLAS) (ACA)
Coptic Christian Club (CLAS)
Creative Writing Club (GSO)
D.R.E.A.M Team (CLAS)
Dance Fitness Club for Muslim Women (CLAS)
Debate And Humanitarian Association (CLAS)(GSO)(ACA)(SGS)
Delta Sigma Chi Sorority (GLO) (New)
Delta Sigma Theta (GLO)
Democrats (CLAS)
Desi Culture Club (CLAS)
Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Coalition (DPAC) (CLAS)
Dominican Student Movement (M.E.D.O.) (CLAS)
Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (GSO)
Empowering Healthy Communities (New)
English Graduate Students Organization(The Brooklyn Review)(GSO)
Entertainment Committee (REF)
Excelsior (REF)
Fashion Marketing (CLAS)
Financial and Actuarial Society (CLAS) (SGS)
Flatbush Brooklyn Group (CLAS) (GSO)
Francophone Club (CLAS) (GSO)
Gamma Beta Delta Sorority (GLO)
Geology Society (ACA)
Girl Geek Dinners (CLAS) (GSO) (New)
Global Medical Brigades(CLAS)
Gospel Choir (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)
Graduate Acting Organization (GSO) (New)
Graduate Art Student Union (GSO)
Graduate Association of Performing and Arts Management (G.A.P.A.M.) (GSO)
Graduate Association of School Psychologists (G.A.S.P.) (GSO)
Graduate English Committee (GSO)
Graduate Organization of Directors of Theatre (G.O.D.O.T.) (GSO)
Graduate Political Science Club (GSO)
Graduate Public Health and Nutrition Club (GSO)
Graduate School Counseling Association (GSO)
Graduate Speech-Language-Hearing Organization (GSO)
Graduate Theatre Organization (GSO)
Graduate TV/Radio Student Association (GSO)
Graduate Undergraduate Design Tech Organization (GSO) (New)
Greek Council (GLO)
Haitian American Student Association (H.A.S.A.) (CLAS)
Hatikvah (REF)
Health and Nutrition Science Club (CLAS) (ACA)
Health Awareness Club (CLAS)
Hillel Club (CLAS)
Hispanic Society (ACA)
Historical Society (ACA)
IFC Interfraternal Council (GLO) (New)
International Socialist Club (CLAS)
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (CLAS)
Investment Club (CLAS)(GSO) (SGS)
Irish American Students Association (I.A.S.A.) (CLAS)
Islamic Society (CLAS)
Israeli Independence Day Committee (CLAS)
Italian American Student Union (CLAS)
Italian Culture Club (ACA)
Jewish Alliance for Women in Science (CLAS)
Jewish National Fund on Campus (CLAS)
Kappa Phi Chi Sorority (GLO)
Kappa Sigma Fraternity (GLO)
Kingsman (REF)
Korean Culture Club (CLAS)
Latin Women Group (CLAS)
Law Society (CLAS) (SGS)
Lay Advocate Program (REF)
Legal Professional Society (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (L.G.B.T.A.) (CLAS)
Let's Organize Unity in Diversity: Music Edition (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO) (New)
Local Greek Council (GLO) (New)
Lying on the Couch (CLAS) (New)
MAPS Brooklyn College Chapter (CLAS) (GSO) (ACA)
Marketing Society (CLAS) (ACA)
MAS on Campus (CLAS)
Mathematics Club of Brooklyn College (ACA)
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)
Momentum Dance Union (CLAS) (New)
Multicultural Martial Arts Association (CLAS)
Muslim Women Educational Initiative (MWEI) (CLAS) (ACA)
National Association of Black Accountants (N.A.B.A.) (ACA)
National Black Science Students Organization (N.B.S.S.O.) (ACA) (GSO) (SGS)
National Broadcasting Society/AERho of Brooklyn College (ACA)
National Society of Leadership and Success (CLAS) (New)
New York Public Interest Research Group (N.Y.P.I.R.G.) (REF)
New York State Israel Public Affairs Committee (N.Y.S.I.P.A.C.) (CLAS)
Newman Catholic Club (CLAS)
Nightcall (REF)
Omega Phi Beta Sorority (GLO)
On Campus (REF)
Paintball and Outdoors Club (New)
Pan-African Student Alliance (P.A.S.A.) (CLAS)
Panhellenic Council (GLO) (New)
Parents and Friends of the Early Childhood Center (CLAS)
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (GLO)
Phi Iota Alpha (GLO) (New)
Phi Sigma Chi (GLO)
Philosophy Society (ACA) (CLAS)
Physical Education and Exercise Science Club (P.E.X.S.) (CLAS)
Physics Club (CLAS) (ACA)
Poetry Club (CLAS)
Political Science Club (ACA) (CLAS) (SGS)
Pre-Dental Society (SGS)
Pre-Graduate School Club (CLAS) (GSO)
Pre-Optometry Club (New) (CLAS) (SGS)
Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Society (SGS)
Pre-Physician Assistant Club (New) (CLAS) (SGS)
Precision Dance Club (CLAS)
Progression With Service (CLAS) (New)
Psychology Club (ACA)
Puerto Rican Alliance (CLAS)
Ramadan Committee (CLAS)
Riverrun (REF)
Russian Jewish Club (CLAS)
Saudi Students at CUNY Brooklyn College (SCC.CUNY.BC)(CLAS) (New)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (ACA)
Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity (GLO)
Sigma Lambda Beta (GLO)
Sign Language Club (CLAS) (New)
Slam Team (REF)
Slow Food Chapter of BC (CLAS) (New)
Soccer Club (CLAS)
Soccer Club (New)
Social Entrepreneur Club (New)
Sociology Club (CLAS)(ACA)
Speech and Hearing Society (ACA)
Strive for College (CLAS)
Stuck in the Library (REF)
Student Association of Special Educators (S.A.S.E.) (GSO)
Student Film Society (REF)
Student Forensics - Speech and Debate Team (REF) (CLAS) (ACA)
Student Organization For Every Disability United For Progress (S.O.F.E.D.U.P.) (REF)
Student Union for Bilingual Education (S.U.B.E.) (ACA)
Students Against Destructive Decisions/SADD (New)
Students for Academic Freedom (CLAS)
Students for Food Sustainability (CLAS)(SGS)
Students for Global Justice (CLAS)
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) (CLAS)
Students Partnering and Reaching Kids (S.P.A.R.K.) (CLAS) (New)
Students United For Israel (CLAS) (New)
Supreme Steppers (CLAS) (New)
Sustainability Today and Tomorrow (STAT) (CLAS)
Table Tennis League (CLAS)
Tae Kwon Do (CLAS)
Teacher Opportunity Corps Graduate Club Organization (GSO)
Teaching Exercises about Multiplayer: Competitive Gaming Edition (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO) (New)
Thanksgiving Feed The Homeless Committee (CLAS)
The Comedy Club (CLAS)
The Education Society (CLAS) (SGS)
The Exchange (CLAS)
The Fleur de lis Society (CLAS) (New)
The Hacky-Sack Club (CLAS) (New)
The Kinesiology Club (New) (CLAS)
The Linguistics Club (CLAS)
The Neuron Club(TNC)(CLAS)
The Orthodox Club (CLAS) (SGS)
The Review - Impressions on Health, Science and Society (CLAS) (ACA)
The Sphinx Club (CLAS)
The Supreme Steppers (New) (CLAS)
To Write Love On Her Arm (T.W.L.O.H.A) (CLAS) (New)
Trading Club (CLAS) (New)
Turkish American Student Association (CLAS)
TV Club (New)
Undergraduate Speech and Hearing Society (ACA)
Undergraduate Theater Organization (ACA)
Understanding and Appreciating our Differences (CLAS)
United Federation of Sikh Students (CLAS)
United Students League (U.S.L.) (Non SAF)
Universitas Scientiae (CLAS)
V Day Committee (CLAS)
Veteran Students Organization (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)
Veterans Day Program Committee (CLAS)
Vice Versa Step Team (CLAS) (GSO) (SGS)
West African Student Association (W.A.S.A.) (CLAS)
Women Improv Group (CLAS) (New)
Women History Month Committee (CLAS)
Women In Science And Engineering (W.I.S.E) (CLAS)
Women of Color (CLAS) (New)
World AIDS Day Committee (CLAS)
Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity (GLO)